Price table

TeenusMaksumus (hinnad sisaldavad käibemaksu)
Car storage14€m2/month
Motorcycle storage*14€m2/month
Boat storage (on your trailer)*14€m2/month
Caravan, trailer etc. storage**14€m2/month
ATV, UTV, snowmobile storage*14€m2/month
Transportation for cars and bikes on a closed trailer1.5€/km
National Tecnical inspection80€ (sis aeg+teenuse maksumus)
Preparation for storage (carwash etc.)Kokkuleppel
Season prepKokkuleppel
Photographeral. 125€
Tuff-TilePrice (VAT included)
TUFF-RIB04 400x400mm (all colors at the same price)5.99€/pcs
Ramp (4 colors 3.10€/pcs
Logoplaadi vinylGet a quote (depends on the size)
Tuff-Tile and Tuff-Lite transportGet a quote (depends on the location)
Tuff-LitePrice (VAT included)
Tuff Hex 1 RGB145€
Tuff Hex 3 265€
Tuff Hex 3 RGB395
Tuff Hex 5 390€
Tuff Hex 5 RGB580€
Tuff Hex 15805€
Tuff GRID645€
Tuff Lite suspension kit25€

* How much does it cost to store a car, or how to calculate the monthly fee for any kind of hobby vehicle? 

It's simple. In the case of a car, a bike or a campervan, you take the actual dimensions of the vehicle, e.g. the measurements from the car, bike or a caravans papers - length and width, or you measure it yourself - we will measure it on the spot.

Multiply the result by 14 and you have the answer. The storage space is already included in the price and everything is clearer.

**For the boat storage pricing, you have to take the actual dimensions, which we can measure on the spot, but you can also do it yourself.
You just have to take into account the measures of the trailer, as well as the engine overhanging the trailer if it's attached. Measure from the end of the wing to the furthest overhanging part and the same for the width. Because we've seen that a boat or cat is often bigger than the trailer towing it.
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