ServicePricing (prices include VAT)
Car Storage*11€m2/a month
Motorcycle Storage* 11€m2/a month
Boat Storage on trailer*11€m2/a month
Caravan, Motorhome, trailer Storage**11€m2/a month
ATV, UTV, Storage*11€m2/a month
Transport with a closed trailer0.75€/+ VAT
TÜV100€ (incl time+cost of services)
Preparation for StorageTo agree upon
Preparation for a new seasonTo agree upon
Photography as a servicestarting from 200€
* How much does it cost to store a car, i.e. how to calculate the monthly fee, for any car, motorcyle etc?

It's easy. In the case of a car, motorcycle or camping van/motorhome, you use the actual dimensions of the vehicle as a basis, e.g. measurements from the cars papers - calculate length times width or you measure yourself - we also measure on site.

You multiply the result by 11 and you have the answer. The maintenance room is already included in the price and everything is clearer.

**TRegarding boats on trailers we have to rely on real measurements, which we can measure on site, but you can also do it yourself.
You just have to consider the drawbar, as well as the engine extending over the trailer if it is attached. Measure from the end of the tiller to the farthest protruding part and the same for the width. Because we have seen that a boat is often bigger than the trailer carrying it.