Dzopper stiilis must mootorratas parkimas lossi ees
Dzopper stiilis must mootorratas parkimas lossi ees
Dzopper stiilis must mootorratas parkimas lossi ees
Autod HobiHoid

Hobby car storage

Heated, ventilated and secured storage rooms

Mootorataste hoiustamine – HobiHoid

Motorcycle storage

Heated, ventilated and secured storage rooms

Haagiste, karavanide ja matkaautode hoiustamine – HobiHoid

Caravan and Motorhome Storage

Heated, ventilated and secured storage rooms

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Tuff-Tile flooring with a lifetime warranty!

Pildil Tuff-Tile logo, millel on kolm ruudukujulist diagonaalse mustriga plaati, asudes Tuff-Tile nime kõrval vasakul, nime all on veebiaadress
We always want the best for ourselves and our customers. That's why we set out to find a solution that could quickly and easily make both a home garage and a large industrial space look better, without the need for hours of labour and specialist installation. Tuff-Tile floor tiles, made from high-strength polypropylene copolymer, meet these requirements. 
They are UV stable and also have a high load capacity! The range of applications for these floor tiles is extremely wide - from car washes to detailing workshops, not to mention gyms, swimming pools (with good water conductivity) and gyms to large industrial areas. If you're looking for a quick fix for an dirty concrete floor, choose Tuff-Tile floor tiles.  
Motorcycle storage room with Tuff-tile flooring -Tuff RIB04 black
Image of a car storage room with tuff-tile flooring in BMW colors
Tuff-tile floor tiles combine superior durability, easy installation and outstanding design. Just as the core values of manufacturer Tuff-Tile LTD are to ensure quality and customer satisfaction, our mission is to help enthusiasts make their spaces not only outstanding, but inspiring. With 14 floor tiles in 400x400mm in a variety of colours, you can personalise any space to perfectly match your taste, your hobby or the service you offer! Can it be pink - of course! Get Tuff-Tile floor tiles directly from the importer - Hobihoid OÜ!


Lighting doesn’t have to be boring!

Image of a blue sportscar under tuff-tile hexagonal design LED lamps
Photo courtesy of Tuff-Tile LTD
Surely you noticed the interesting hexagonal lights in the pictures? They're Tuff-Lite - quirky in design but offering super good lighting that will bring the body lines of your car, motorbike or speedboat into full view! Tuff-Lite luminaires. No other light fixture brings out your vehicles better, whether in the garage at home or in the garage.
But not only! Tuff-Lite has been installed in hairdressers' salons, gyms, dance halls - anywhere good lighting is needed to bring out the best in an exhibit, person or object. Again, its charm is in its simplicity! Connect the LED tubes according to the instructions and hang from the ceiling with the special suspension system. You can also mount it on the wall! Tuff-Lite will make your room special.
Car storage room suitable also for motorcycles, boats, caravans

Why should you trust us with your car motorcycle or caravan?

  • Warm and ventilated
  • 24/7 security
  • Modern
  • Ideal for low cars
  • Suitable for caravans and small boats

We want to offer more than just a storage spot.

We keep hobby machines alive to keep enthusiasm for all kinds of motorised hobby machines alive. We also house our own hobby equipment here and we want to build a community of friendly enthusiasts with you that values all types of hobby equipment. New, old, American and European, land and watercraft, not to mention motomania.

That’s why our storage facilities have stringent requirements, from security to a stable indoor climate. Whether you have a supercar or a special project car, a zig-zag, a caravan, a boat or a catamaran – Hobby Storage will keep it safe and secure out of season. We store them the same way we store our own cars, boats and motorbikes. If these items are important to you, call us now!

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