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Tuff-Lite led lights that stand out and have a distinctive design. Mount them on the ceiling or wall, create a unique look by positioning the bulbs as you like. Like Tuff-Tile flooring, Tuff-Lite hexagonal LED luminaires can be assembled just the way you like them. 

Choose from white or ultra-bright RGB LEDs with remote control. 

Tuff-Lite LED lights are widely used in garages because they perfectly highlight all the curves of the object being worked on and allow for a better finish. But also in gyms and various car salons where it is necessary to highlight an illuminated object. Ideal for lighting new cars in showrooms. 

Make your garage, workshop or gym more elegant and distinctive! From Hex-3 luminaires to the extra-large Hex 15 luminaires all the way to the GRID 2 systems there are solutions for both large and small spaces. 

Personalising your space has never been easier!
Massiivsed LED valgustid Tuff-Lite Hex15

| Hexagonal 400mm LED tubes |
| Quick assembly connectors |
| attachable to ceiling and walls |
| HEX3 | HEX5 | HEX15 |
| White or RGB LED |

How to choose Tuff-Tile LED lights?

First, think about the size of your room. When assembled, even a smaller HEX3 led luminaire can still take up 2-3m2 of space. It can be installed in at least three of the most common ways, as you can see in the picture below. 

Secondly, do you need white light or do you want a super bright RGB coloured light? The largest luminaires - the HEX15 need a space almost 5m long and 2.5m wide. However, they can be arranged in different ways with different spacers - just the way you want them. 

Thirdly, can you mount them directly to the ceiling or do you need to hang them from the ceiling?

Lastly, choose the final size, colour either white LED or coloured RGB LED lights. Place an order and the goods will reach you in 2-3 working days, as long as we have them in stock. 14 working days if we order from the manufacturer. However, we try to keep the most common sizes and colours in stock as importer to ensure fast delivery.
Hexagonal shaped LED lights composed from 3 hexagonal shapes
Tuff-Lite HEX 3 – All rights reserved by Tuff-Tile LTD
Hexagonal shaped lights composing 5 hexagons together
Tuff-Lite HEX 5 – All rights reserved by Tuff-Tile LTD
Hexagonal shaped LED lights coposing 15 hexagons in 5 by 3 rows
Tuff-Lite HEX 15 – All rights reserved by Tuff-Tile LTD

What’s included the Tuff-Tile LED light kit

For example, the HEX3 led lights kit includes: 

16x 400mm LED tubes
9x 120 degree angle '2-Way connectors'.
5x 120-degree angle 'Y-connectors'
1x 'T' shaped 3 way connection
1x power cables
1x TUFF-LITE installation manual

Larger kits include more LED tubes connectors etc. 

NOTE: To connect the cable, use the help of a qualified electrician or order the installation from us.

Tuff-Lite led lights prices

Tuff-LitePrice (VAT included)
Tuff Hex 1 RGB145€
Tuff Hex 3 265€
Tuff Hex 3 RGB395
Tuff Hex 5 390€
Tuff Hex 5 RGB580€
Tuff Hex 15805€
Tuff GRID645€
Tuff Lite suspension kit25€

Tuff-Lite led lights range

The Tuff-Lite led lights range includes both white and RGB coloured LED lights for larger and smaller surfaces. The modular lamps can be combined in a variety of ways using the included quick connectors. Fantasise and come up with your own design or assemble using the included installation drawing. 
It doesn't matter if you are a fierce hobbyist at home or want to sell cars in your showroom by lighting them better. Or you want to make your gym more edgy by lighting it at the same time. Either way, a personalised solution is cooler.

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