Is storing your car always a headache? Where to store your hobby car, motorbike or a boat with a trailer? Where to put your camper or caravan?

No. Now it is possible to store any kind of hobby equipment, in any season, in modern facilities in Tallinn and Tartu. We are moving to new premises, we will add the location soon. It's for sure that the HobiHoid premises will still be easily accessible by low sports car as well as smaller motorhome. ATVs and snowmobiles are also welcome. 

As an additional service, we offer a thorough wash before storing the equipment (not included in the storage price), check the battery charge level once a month during the storage period and measure the tyre pressures. If you don't have the possibility to bring your car, bike, ATV or snowmobile to us, we can pick it up with a closed trailer and help you transport it. We can also help with door-to-door transport of vehicles up to 5m long and 2m wide, sledges, ATVs and motorbikes. The buildings are guarded 24/7.

Good location in Tallinn or Tartu | Ideal for a low sportscars | Stable indoor temperature and ventilation | 24/7 security | Company invoice option | We’ll charge batteries | Keep an eye on tyrepressures | Flexible delivery and reception

Why bring your hobby car or other maschinery to Hobihoid?

Most good ideas always start with a personal need. Add to this a demanding and specific criteria and the idea becomes a plan with an action plan, which we dare to offer to other hobby equipment owners. Our own summer and winter hobby equipment needed off-season care, so we looked for a suitable space. 

For example, we didn't want to store our hobby cars in a cold room. After all, the roof may be on the roof, which is certainly better than parking outside, but the constantly changing temperatures are not good for the equipment. We also don't want a damp room for our precious vehicles. Therefore, we needed to find a place with heating and good ventilation, which not only provides warmth but also a good indoor climate.

Safe storage for hobby equipment

The building should definitely have 24/7 security. As our friends have low sports cars, it is a good thing that there is an asphalt road leading to the building. For these reasons, HobiHoid was located in Põltsamaa in the early years. As of 2023, we will move away from there and open 2 new storage locations - one in Tallinn, the other in Tartu. Information about the new locations will be available on our website soon.

Good entrance for low cars - be it a supercar or a lowrider. There is enough space in front of the building and a large door to manoeuvre a caravan, a smaller camper or a trailer with a small boat into the building. For example, with our enclosed trailer, you can move your hobby equipment from our premises to a workshop somewhere in the winter when you need to carry out maintenance or repairs. 

A good entry for low cars - be it a supercar or a lowrider. There is enough space and a large door in front of the house to maneuver into the building, for example, with a caravan, a smaller motorhome or a small boat on a trailer. For example, with our closed trailer, you can take your hobby equipment from our premises to somewhere in the workshop even in the winter when you need to do maintenance or repairs on it. We are quite flexible if there is a need to receive equipment between the storage periods. There is security around the building equipped with high-quality cameras, and there is an alarm inside the premises, which is connected to the center. We stand for the safety of our hobby equipment and our customers! Here you can find the storage price list.
Our plans are a bit bigger than just storing cars, motorcycles or other hobby equipment all year round. We want to create a community where all kinds of hobby equipment from US iron to European classics through to new supercars, motorcycles and boats etc. are stored. 

For those lucky enough to have a garage in their own home, we offer the opportunity to personalise it by purchasing Tuff-Tile floor tiles and please check out the Tuff-Lite light fittings. The floor tiles will transform the look of any floor in no time and the hexagonal light fittings will bring perfect lighting to any room. 

PS! All HobiHoid pictures are by Marko Randoja. By the way, he can also take pictures of your property or vehicle for you, if he's not at a car show somewhere. See his work at
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